Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waldrops return

Hey Everyone,
Just a quick update. Chris and Nada made it home this weekend. They had a wonderful time getting to  fellowship with family and friends in the States. And of course they all have amazing tans! We are happy they are back home here in Münster. We are thankful they had an awesome trip and that everything here in Münster went great. Thank you all for your prayers, the Lord totally took care of us and the Waldrops!


Monday, June 20, 2011


Yesterday we had a great day! We were not able to rent out the YMCA like we normally do, so we decided to hold the service in the city park. But then it was crazy wind and rain. So, we had to cancel but we decided to have a grill and fellowship at our place! It was great, everyone brought something delicious to share and we had a nice time hanging out together. After dinner we went on walk..when we got a break in the rain of course...

There is an interesting tradition here that when a man turns 30 and is unmarried he is considered an "old sock". So all  his friends hang old socks outside of his house on a line! Pretty funny!

Everything has been going well. The bible studies on Wednesday night have been going good and we have really enjoyed hanging out with all the guest speakers and their families over the past few weeks. Chris and Nada return from the States on Thursday, we are excited for them come home! We are going to be really jealous of their tans I'm sure. Its been crazy weather here, raining, windy...cold. But we have had amazing rainbows! 

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We love and miss you all! 


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Lake at Steinfurt

The past few weeks have been flying by mainly because we have been so busy. Work has been going well, same old same old.  The guest speakers Duke and Dawn Knepper returned to Ireland yesterday. We had a wonderful time getting to know them. Last Saturday a family from the church invited us and the Knepper's to visit them at their home in Steinfurt. It was perfect weather! We enjoyed a grilled lunch on the patio, followed by a bike ride into the downtown area. We walked around the lake, enjoyed a yard game and ate ice cream as we watch this bike race.

The evening was ended by a strawberry shortcake and coffee. True German style. We had a lovely time.

This Sunday after church we went into the city of Münster. There was a big festival taking place, although I don't know why. But they had food carts, rides, flags everywhere and a big stage with all kinds of performances happening. It was pretty cool...

Well, that is all for right now! Thank you for all your prayers!