Friday, September 25, 2009

Israel October-December

Becca and I recently spent a weekend retreat at Head Waters Lodge (in south-western Virginia) praying for Israel, her people and for God's leading. After this trip we have a greater confidence and confirmation from the Lord about going forward with plans for Tel Aviv. There have been certain events in the last few months that have kept us from going earlier. One such event was the passing of my grandfather and a wedding of a close friend. We just got back from our trips and are making some concrete plans for our departure to Israel.

Becca's new passport is going to be expedited on Monday with her new name.
"Becca Kaleda Ainslie"! and we are purchasing tickets to Tel Aviv for the third week of October. Our return flights will be at Christmas.

Please pray for us as we travel. If anyone desires to be added to our email update loop or to help support us in a financial way please email me for more information at:

~Paul and Becca