Thursday, November 1, 2012

Time to catch up...

Hey Everyone,
Wow, we have not written in such a long time! Lots of things have happened, I guess here is a run down of the past months (in pictures mostly, to make it easy):

Moved to WV for the summer, worked at Camp Sandy Cove (Paul- Unit Director, Me- Office assistant), awesome staff, awesome counselors, crazy kids and great memories!

The drive into Camp

Camp staff

Then our lives changed with the birth of our son Elisha Lee! Born August 6, 2012 at 4:37pm at Fair Oaks Hospital in VA. 8lbs. 10 oz. He was beautiful and we were so thankful he got here healthy and strong!

We went on a family vacation to South Carolina, Elisha's first big trip and beach experiecne!

Paul is now the Youth Pastor of Community Bible Church in Fair Oaks Virginia, there is a handful of youth and we just had our first meeting this week! Looking forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do in and through these kids lives!
Fall is here...
Elisha is growing fast, he has gone from 
One week

One Month

Two months

Almost three months

And....we currently just survived hurricane Sandy, there was a lot of wind and rain but no damage in our area. My Dad is out on deployment with the VA-Task Force 1 in New Jersey rescuing people from the flood waters. Please be praying for their team and the East Coast!

Well, thats about it! You're all caught up now! We will try to keep our blog more up to date!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Hey Everybody,
Just wanted to give a quick update. We have officially moved to West Virginia. The past few weeks here at Camp Sandy Cove have been really full. Lots of cleaning, organizing and getting the camp ready for the summer. We did get to enjoy the Apple Blossom Festival that is held every year in nearby Winchester Virginia. They had a bunch of parades, music and a great firework show!

Paulie getting his West Va on...

Fireman's parade


We also recently celebrated Paul's 26th birthday on May 8th. We decided to take a day off, hang out with family and enjoy a very entertaining dinner at Sakura Japanese Steak House. Followed by ice cream cake of course! We also celebrated at camp by going with everyone to see the new Avengers movie at the local theater called "the Alamo". It was a really fun night!


Paul and I just completed our child birth class this past Sunday. We decided to take it early since our schedule is already so full. It was a very long class, but we had a great instructor and we feel a little more confident about this process of bringing a child into the world! The baby is doing great, strong heartbeat and he is moving around a lot! Now only to make it through a West Virginia summer! ugh...hopefully the pool here at camp will be up and running soon!

Thank you all for your prayers! We need them! :)


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coming this summer...

Thought we would give an official update on all that is new in our life here back in the States. First, the biggest news in our life is that we are expecting a baby! A little boy due on August 4th! We are very excited and are looking forward to receiving this lil' blessing! So crazy he will be here in just a few months!

Secondly, we will both be working at Camp Sandy Cove in West Virginia this summer. We move out to the camp on May 1st and will be there until the baby is born in August. Paul will be working as the Unit Director of the 12 and up, which includes him teaching daily chapel times, worship leading and the management of a staff of counselors. And I will be working in the office as an office lady. :) Please be praying for us and the staff at Sandy Cove, that the Lord would give us wisdom and unity. Please also pray for the kids that will be attending camp, that they would have a real encounter with Jesus and that this summer would be the summer they choose to follow Him!

Pictures from summer 2010:
Recent staff promo video:

Thank you all for your prayers and support! We so appreciate all the love you all have continually shown us!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know that we are Stateside! We flew home on last Saturday after a busy week of moving, selling and cleaning. We stayed our last week with Chris and Nada. They were great, helped us so much in all the things we had to finish before leaving Germany. On Saturday Chris and our friend Tim drove us to the Frankfurt airport at 3am to make our early morning flight. (Thanks guys, that was such a blessing for us) We arrived in JFK and were greeted by my Dad and brother Josh who helped us with all our luggage. We drove home to Virginia from JFK. But before we got home, we swung by Red Robin's to eat a real American burger and milk shake. It was so good!!!

Anyways, this past week we have been trying to recover from our jet lag as well as cold we picked up somewhere. (Probably the airplane) But hopefully we will be totally recovered soon!

We just wanted to thank you all for all your prayers and support over this past year and half. You all have truly been such a blessing and a comfort to us. May the Lord greatly bless each one of you for your faithfulness and generosity. We will try to update you all with our plans soon now that we are home!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Returning home

This Christmas was really busy for us.  There was a special Christmas eve service that we hosted that went very well.  I also was invited to play some Christmas songs for a Christmas party with a friend here which was a really cool opportunity to share Jesus with a large group outside of the Church.

On Sunday Chris had asked me to share a message with the Church about our testimony of coming to Germany and all the things the Lord has been teaching us since we came here.  I shared from Genesis 22 which was concerning Abraham sacrificing Isaac to the Lord.  The message was really focused on sacrifice and obedience to the Lord, trusting God for things in our lives that will only make sense when looking at them in reverse.  Quite a few people gave me positive feedback that the Lord had really spoken to them through this message.  I'm praising God for all He's been doing here in our lives and in our Church, I know He who began this good work will be faithful to complete it.

This month has been busy as we are preparing to move home to the states.  Selling and finding new homes for all our things is proving to be a little bit more difficult that I had anticipated. We have to deal with some paper work and utility companies, cancel all our services and such (all in German).  Germans are very pedantic about paper work it seems.  This move is going to be pretty stressful for us and we really ask that you all would be praying that God gives us favor and helps us to finish well.
Our flight is scheduled for February 4th in the morning from Frankfurt to New York and we will be driving from New York to Washington D.C.  The last few times we flew home we got hit with snowstorms so hopefully Lord willing we break that trend this time!

Here's a picture of us all skating in Hamburg on one of the biggest outdoor skating rinks in Europe!