Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pictures from our Israeli road trip....

1. Bethlehem
2. Ibex in En Gedi
3. Hidden Waterfall in En Gedi
4. Paul swimming in En Gedi
5. Mud
6. Dead Sea
7. Jordan river
8. Mount of Beatitudes
9. Banias falls
10. Nimrods Fortress

More photos are on the flickr site:

Our last week in Israel...

We have less than a week left here in the land of Israel! We are very sad to be leaving this place and all our wonderful friends here! The past few weeks have been so is a small recap.

Last week we traveled, spent a few nights in Jerusalem with our friends from SEND. Went on a day trip to Bethlehem. Spent a night in En Gedi, went to Masada and took a dip in the Dead Sea. We then drove up north to a city called Katzrin (in the Golan) where a sweet Pastor named Steve put us up in their ministry apartment. The next day was a busy one as we tried to see as much as we could....we did good though, hit up ten biblical sites in one day! We returned to Tel Aviv late Friday night and moved in with an Egyptian family from the church that we are close with. They have been so kind to us and we have so enjoyed living with them! We will be spending the next week serving and trying to meet up with all our friends before we leave on Tuesday!

As we have been reflecting on all the Lord has done these past months we have been so overwhelmed by Him. We did not know what these months were going to look like before we came, we just came in faith knowing that this is where the Lord wanted us to be. Yet now seeing all that the Lord done in these short months...we believe the fruit of this season we will be eating from for a long time to come. The Lord has so enlarged our hearts; He has established wonderful friendships and has taught us many truths about Himself. In this season we have gleaned many things, been refined and inspired to go even deeper.

The Lord has opened many doors before us regarding the next step in this journey of life. We are very excited about all these opportunities and to see where the Lord will lead us next! Life with Jesus is an adventure, fresh and exciting, its unpredictable in many ways but the one thing that is always predictable is the fact that we serve an awesome God who is radical, always faithful and worthy! His works are marvelous in our eyes!

Thank you all so much for all you love, support and prayers! We are blessed to know that there are people back home in the states praying for much more is the Lord blessed to hear the prayers His saints! Love you all and we will see you soon!