Monday, February 21, 2011


Revolution: a period of social change, where the previous way of life changes radically

This is our desire for the city of Münster. We desire to see a revolution of God, a moving of His Spirit in this city. People's lives being radically changed by the love of Jesus, their hearts being awakened to hope of the Gospel. Since we have returned to Münster a few weeks ago, the Lord has been moving in some pretty big ways, giving us vision for the city of Münster.

Last week at our Tuesday prayer meeting, we prayed for a few things. One of them being vision and a means by which to reach the people of this city. Another thing was specifically praying about distributing flyers and posters throughout Münster. This is how the Lord has answered these prayers this week:

1) We received 4,000+ CC Münster flyers as a gift from a very sweet man in Siegen. We were only expecting to have about 1,000 made. So this was a wonderful surprise! This week we handed out a few hundred, and placed them in some pretty key public places here in Münster.

Our flyer
2) On Thursday after distributing some flyers we sat down in a local Cafe and had a coffee. As we were sitting there and praying over the flyers that we had placed around the city, this idea came to all of us and we were all stoked on it! Wouldn't it be amazing if we had our own cafe! A place to bridge the gap between us and the un-churched as well as providing a gathering place for the Christians of this city. The church and coffee house could meet in the same place, so all that we would invest into the coffee shop would also be the church on Sundays and Wednesdays. We would have the ability to hold events, musical guests to come and play etc. It would be a way to reach the 50,000 plus college students in the area as well as the 300,000 people in the city.

Later on that night, we all went home and began to pray about this vision. We all felt a confirmation from the Lord. Especially Chris. So with that said, we would like to ask our prayer warriors and supporters to join us in this vision. We are going to need lots of prayer! There are a lot of technical things, business things that will have to be prayed over and pursued. A wealth of details to be worked out. Not to mention a huge capital of finances to raise. Also, we have a lot to learn about the coffee industry. All of us have worked in coffee houses in one way or another...Nada being the only one of us with real work experience. But as you know there is a lot to learn about the industry itself, about owning a shop, choosing a retailer, beans, roasters, etc.

Yet we are confident that if this is the Lord's will for our church and this city then He will equip, educate and finance all of it. We aren't sure how that is going to look, but we are trusting that God will do it, just like He has done everything else. It's all about being faithful to dig a ditch and giving God the opportunity to fill it! ( 2 Kings 3)

As a side note, there are two other praise reports to mention this week. Paul has a job interview...yes I did say JOB! This is completely unexpected, but if he gets this job it would be a huge blessing for us. It is with a company who works for Microsoft and needs native English speakers, preferably with an IT background. This is exactly what Paul has his degree in. So please be praying for the Lord's favor if He desires for Paul to have this job. His interview will be tomorrow at 10:30 am.

Paul finally got a bike! YEAH! He has been riding really junky bikes this whole time and for Christmas I gave him a "coupon" to buy a good bike. So on Saturday he did! Here are some photos of his new baby:

Last week we were invited over for a wonderful dinner by our Canadian friends Gary, Rose and Lauren. They have been attending CC Münster and they are the sweetest family ever. They live in a city outside of Münster called Laer. It's a cute little farm-like community. I'm sad to not have many pictures since my camera died but it was a sweet night of fellowship and the food was so yummy! Thanks Tamming family! Rose wrote about it on her blog here:
Simi- Our local thug toddler

Pond in Laer
Also, please be praying for me as I am now going to be leading worship at the Women's Bible Study night on Thursdays. This is not my strong suit but Im doing it to be faithful to what the Lord has asked of yeah. 

Thank you everyone for reading this, praying for us and supporting us. We feel so blessed to have so many people behind us...the Lord is doing some amazing things here! 


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We would like to thank all our financial all completely covered all our monthly expenses! This is truly such a blessing...thank you, thank you, thank you! Know that you all are not only blessing us but the Lord! ..."for God loves a cheerful giver..." (2 Corinthians 9:7) May the Lord bless you all, keep you and make His face shine upon you!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Reader, this is a long post!

On the way back from Big Bear

 To follow up were the last post left off...we got to spend a weekend with our friend Nick. He was so kind and usual! :) We attend Reality LA with him that Sunday. It was an amazing service and so refreshing! After church we were joined by Sarah-Beth who drove to Hollywood to come pick us up. Before leaving though we got a Pink Berry frozen yogurt with Nick and some old friends from Bible College who are getting married this month! Congrats Tuuka and Wesley!

Us with Nick 
Eating Pink Berry in LA

We spent the next few days hanging out in San Diego, went to Impact with Sarah-Beth two days in a row. It was awesome and super encouraging! We had lunch with her sweet friends the Valdivias! We also got to meet up with one of our groomsmen Bryan and had dinner with the Russian family he is living with. I had an opportunity to meet up with my old teammate from Morocco, Lizzy, and it was super fun to catch up with her! Later on that night we had dessert with some of our friends from Israel/SEND, Ashley, Beto, Alaina and Erik. We felt so blessed to be able to catch up with so many of the people that are so dear to us in California! 

Lunch with Alysha and Anthony
Paul and Bryan
Worship at Impact

Before we left Cali, Paul and I were able to steal away a few precious hours to be together and pray, talk and not to mention take a nap in the beautiful sunshine on the cliffs of La Jolla. It was really refreshing!

We flew home to the great state of Virginia on the 26th. Meet up last week with our dear friends the Cassady's and the Webber's. We also had Miss Jackie Bell and Greg over for dinner, and it was awesome! Later on in the week we somehow were able to set up a Risk game for the usual players! It was a great time of fellowship/fighting over world domination! :) Love you guys!

We have to give a shout out to the Zupan family! Sorry guys that we weren't able to go snowboarding with you all. But thanks for all the love and art! We love and miss you all tons...hope you all are feeling better! 

We did a drive-by meeting with the Zupan's since they were all sick! :( But the kids made us this awesome sign and Gabby made us a beautiful picture!

Right before we left we got to visit with our cousins Tina, Luke and Levi. And we exchanged late Christmas presents! Thanks you guys, love you very much! 

Luke and Levi with their German Christmas gifts!

The candy airplane the boys made us!
Super cool shrinkydink the boys made!!!

We like to thank all our friends who housed and fed us while we traveled! You all are the best and are deserving of your hospitality patch! :) We would also like to thank everyone for all your love and support...we miss all already! We had an amazing trip reconnecting and fellowshipping with friends and family...just wish we could have seen everyone! We are now back in Münster... and are happy to be with our very own Waldrop family! And are excited to see all our "Germany" friends again! :)