Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hey everyone,
Can't believe it is already September! Here is an update of some highlights from the past month or so.

Last month, the Waldrops and us took a little journey to the city of Heidelberg, Germany. Our friends Marah and Michael from Bible College are currently serving at the Calvary Chapel there and had been asking us to come visit for some time. Paul had a four day weekend off so we decided to go! We had an awesome time, Marah and Michael are wonderful hosts and we loved touring around the beautiful city of Heidelberg and catching up with our friends. Here are a few shots of our trip:

 Just this past week we had a house full of guest here in Gremmendorf! Five girls from Siegen (the same ones who came up for the Easter outreach in April) came to spend the weekend with us. It was so fun and such a blessing having the girls here! We had ice cream by the Canal, ate Mexican food, walked around the city, played pool and of course stopped by the Starbucks. We all had a great weekend together and we felt so refreshed and encourage by their visit. It was sad to see the girls leave but hopefully we all will be able to hang out again soon!

By the Canal

Big Lunch Fellowship after Church
All of us

Paulie taking a shot

Lastly, we leave for the States in one week from today! We are excited to go back in the good ole' USA and hang out with our family and friends. We will be in the US for two and half weeks. Spending time in South Carolina for a big family vacation and also Virginia. Can't wait to see everyone and enjoy some sunshine!

Again, thank you for your continued prayers and support. Know that He is answering your prayers! May you all be showered by His love and grace this week.